"Traveling eternity rooooo-ooad..." (eternityroad) wrote,
"Traveling eternity rooooo-ooad..."


I would like to work on a normal play in a normal theatre.

I just finished a run tonight for the Classical Theatre of Harlem. The show was about the Nat Turner rebellion, and was performed in the ballroom where Malcolm X was assassinated.

Before that I worked for the Irish Arts Center on a show called Ladies & Gents. It was performed IN the toilets at the (famous) Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. The audience started in either the ladies' or the mens' room, then switched at intermission. A character gets beheaded. A few people fainted. Apparently when they first performed at the Fringe in UK many fainted there as well. Probably because they were stuck in a bathroom in summer.

IAC held their performances in mid-March. It was colder than a snowman's dick outside.
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