"Traveling eternity rooooo-ooad..." (eternityroad) wrote,
"Traveling eternity rooooo-ooad..."

her hands

I haven't forgotten you! Finals time...and my Russian final is in about 8 hours. It'll be one for the toilet.

Plus, the man (I wish I could say my man) has been on my mind, and I can't...you know?...I can't bring myself to not think about him in order to post!

The Globe Theatre is touring Measure for Measure. We saw it in Philadelphia on the 30th. Quite good. All male cast with traditional Elizabethan dress. Some of the acting didn't do it for me, but the look of the production was gorgeous. The costumes, lighting, blocking (it was performed on thrust) were really breathtaking sometimes. More on that later. I want to see if I can find pictures.
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