"Traveling eternity rooooo-ooad..." (eternityroad) wrote,
"Traveling eternity rooooo-ooad..."

You should all come to Delaware and see a play. Heartbreak House has opened, and yesterday was opening night for The Play's the Thing. It was wonderful. Excellent acting, I thought. I think it's my favorite play this semester. Major Barbara will open in less than two weeks. I've added a practicum, and am now on MB's run crew. I've been attending rehearsals, as I'm on crew now, and....it's a tough play. I mean it's tough for some of the actors (including you-know-who who's playing Cusins). They're coming along though. It's definitely the most serious of the three, and -unfortunately- will probably be the least favorite.

Stef, I wish you could see The Play's the Thing! There's a French language joke (in my opinion it was the funniest part of the play) and they keep saying LEMON. "I'm a lemon!!!!". Couldn't help thinking of you :)
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