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Robert Smith is almost 50 and still looks the same as he did in 1987. I love it [13 May 2008|09:22pm]
I saw The Cure on the 10th in Philadelphia. I'm going to see them again in Chicago on the 17th because I'm a fanatic.
I'm depressed I'm missing them for two nights in NYC, because I'll be in Maine the whole summer.
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snap [07 May 2008|04:00pm]
Oh I started photo blogging last year. I only take photos with my phone. Here it is. Click on a pic to go to Flckr. Blogspot will show all the pictures I have taken, but Flckr requires I pay $25. Laaaame.
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The Pig and Whistle [06 May 2008|09:04pm]
I saw Paul Sorvino leaving an Irish pub last night. He was carrying a violin case, which I thought was funny.
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theatre [04 May 2008|02:06am]
I would like to work on a normal play in a normal theatre.

I just finished a run tonight for the Classical Theatre of Harlem. The show was about the Nat Turner rebellion, and was performed in the ballroom where Malcolm X was assassinated.

Before that I worked for the Irish Arts Center on a show called Ladies & Gents. It was performed IN the toilets at the (famous) Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. The audience started in either the ladies' or the mens' room, then switched at intermission. A character gets beheaded. A few people fainted. Apparently when they first performed at the Fringe in UK many fainted there as well. Probably because they were stuck in a bathroom in summer.

IAC held their performances in mid-March. It was colder than a snowman's dick outside.
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I live in New York City now [02 May 2008|01:26am]
[ mood | okay ]

So ONE of the big changes that has occurred in my life since we last met is that I've moved to NYC...!

I live in Brooklyn and and work in Manhattan everyday.

Living in a city with great public transportation is awesome. No parking woes, no paying for gas, no car insurance!
Being dependent on public transportation blows.

My allergies are rather mild this year...there are less tress here! baaaahhh!

I first lived in Parks Slope (lovely) and now live in Williamsburg (NOT the trendy part).

I did not save up to move here. I just did it. I had about $250 and sold may car to have some rent money. I currently live paycheck to paycheck. It's scary sometimes.

When I stand in my bed room, I can spread my arms out straight with one hand touching the wall. After that, I have a foot to spare! That's the width.

I moved here to work in theatre. I'm trying to join the wardrobe union.

The BEST part about living here so far is the access to all the great theatre. I can hit Broadway and the theatre district every day if I want. I just love it.

I met Ian McShane! and James Frain. and Michael McKean. It was after a play they were all in, The Homecoming. Ian McShane! Then I had a baby right there on 48th street.

Some stuff here is insanely over-priced. don't ever eat in a chain restaurant in this city.

My roommate has an afro and roller skates around outside. I wish I could see it.

It's very rat racey here. Gotta adapt, but I hope I stay polite.

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"that's all I want..." [30 Apr 2008|04:04pm]
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back-ack-ack [29 Apr 2008|03:10pm]
So My last update was 104 weeks ago!

I'm starting again, I think.

Who here still reads this?
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mojo joe joe joe [28 Apr 2006|05:29pm]
Dooo dooo do do do MANAMANA!

I'm going to stop apologizing for not updating. I update when I update. So there ;)

I'm working on Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead and The Rivals. The latter made me think of you, Claire, because of 'Absolute'.
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Remember me?!?!?!!!? [25 Feb 2006|03:21pm]

Computer problems, Internet problems...I've had such a hard tim trying to update this thing.


Here's a Happy Birthday to one of the greatest people that I've ever (never) known:

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aglorithm [07 Jan 2006|11:23pm]
Ooooh I'm taking math and a mask-making class this Winter. The math is weird. It's like a kind of math that you can actually use! Euler and Hamilton circuits, etc.

I saw Brokeback Mountain last night. Damn good movie. Heath Ledger! I'm not really familiar with his other work. In fact, I can't think of anything else I've seen of his, but I was quite impressed. Great voice. Anne Hathaway was another stand out for me only because I'm used to her being in these pre-teen girl fairytale movies (which I haven't seen), so her work in this film took me by surprise.

Eh I feel like I've wasted this whole day. Woke up at 2pm.
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Nevah goes aht [28 Dec 2005|06:09pm]

My friend and I like to use the split lens effect thing to see if we can look like we're making out with ourselves. Anyway, he told me, that in this pic I look like Nicole Kidman in The Hours.

Sort of, huh?

And speaking of looking like people...
I put some of my hair into my nostrils to see what I would look like with a mustache:

Check out the mustache on the second one! That's the same mustache I like to draw on other people.

I just read that Vincent Schiavelli died. Lung cancer. It's sad, I'll miss that creepiness.
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pumpkin umpkin [27 Dec 2005|06:57pm]

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

(belated, I know)
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"Watch me navigate" [23 Dec 2005|07:01am]
My brother changed his name to: Tweezy F. Baby; Middle Finger To the Law. 'Tweezy' for short.

I looooove the laughing in the Gorillaz song, Feel Good or whatever it's called. Aa-a ha ha ha!
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The POUNDER! 16oz, 1g of Fat! 0g Trans Fat! PPOOUUNNDDEERR!! (it's an UTZ pretzel). [21 Dec 2005|02:25pm]
Computer broke AGAIN! Not water this time - I think the lappy might be on it's way out :(

Ima gonna read up on yo' entries now. Still haven't found Measure for Measure pics.

Oh, and I was told "I would if I could" by the man. Not sure what the hell to make of that.

Taking a casting/mask making for stage class this winter. I love plaster!
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her hands [07 Dec 2005|08:02am]
I haven't forgotten you! Finals time...and my Russian final is in about 8 hours. It'll be one for the toilet.

Plus, the man (I wish I could say my man) has been on my mind, and I can't...you know?...I can't bring myself to not think about him in order to post!

The Globe Theatre is touring Measure for Measure. We saw it in Philadelphia on the 30th. Quite good. All male cast with traditional Elizabethan dress. Some of the acting didn't do it for me, but the look of the production was gorgeous. The costumes, lighting, blocking (it was performed on thrust) were really breathtaking sometimes. More on that later. I want to see if I can find pictures.
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[07 Nov 2005|02:43pm]
You should all come to Delaware and see a play. Heartbreak House has opened, and yesterday was opening night for The Play's the Thing. It was wonderful. Excellent acting, I thought. I think it's my favorite play this semester. Major Barbara will open in less than two weeks. I've added a practicum, and am now on MB's run crew. I've been attending rehearsals, as I'm on crew now, and....it's a tough play. I mean it's tough for some of the actors (including you-know-who who's playing Cusins). They're coming along though. It's definitely the most serious of the three, and -unfortunately- will probably be the least favorite.

Stef, I wish you could see The Play's the Thing! There's a French language joke (in my opinion it was the funniest part of the play) and they keep saying LEMON. "I'm a lemon!!!!". Couldn't help thinking of you :)
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It's Novembah [01 Nov 2005|07:34am]


I actually started feeling a little better a while ago, but I've been *busy* with theatre work. I know I probably remarked that I had been 'living at the theatre' a few times last semester, but that was nothing. I am fo' REAL this time. I've been sewing a lot in the scene shop, and one of the things I've made is drapes for The Play's the Thing. The long and slightly bunchy deep red-burgundy velvet kind. They are sexy. Now you know what kind of *busy* I mean. uuuhhhh!
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no no no. [11 Sep 2005|06:39pm]
WHY does there have to be a James D'Arcy community with '_daily' in the name?!?!

I *ucking hate that '_daily' shit!

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read, not see. [09 Sep 2005|10:30pm]
Somebody recommend a play.
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bbbbg [03 Sep 2005|10:05pm]
Blame .*

*EDIT I didn't mean to imply that this article is B.S....actually I was happy to see it.

I get annoyed when Bush is made out to be the one who is ultimately to blame.
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